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Frequently asked questions



What are backlinks and how do they work?

In a nutshell, search engines like Google treat links from one website to another like a recommendation. One of the core components of search engine algorithms is not just identifying the quantity of backlinks a site has but also the quality.

    What determines the quality of a backlink and are your backlinks considered ‘quality’?

    Backlinks don’t need to be pretty and often PBNs are not. But how are they effective if link quality matters?

    The quality of a backlink is made up of several factors including:

    • Number of referring links (or “authority”) the domain has
    • Quality of the content on the linking site
    • How relevent the linking page is to you.

    The sites we use in our network cover a large range of topics and industries. This allows us to create backlinks for you on sites which are topical and relevant to your website

      Will I be penalised for buying backlinks?

      No. Unless you are doing other reckless activites on your website or backlink profile, you will not be penalised.

      Anything in excess can be harmful. Be smart and patient with your backlink stratergy and you will succeed.

        What if I don’t notice an improvement in my rankings or traffic?

        SEO isn’t decided by a single factor and there are many pieces which play an important role in determining where you are positioned in the search results. If you do not notice an improvement in traffic within 30 days, please ask yourself the following:

        • Are you focusing too much on your link profile and ignoring other ranking factors?
        • Do you have a diverse range of backlinks and social signals?
        • Are you targetting the correct pages and terms?